Hi. We’re looking for self-motivated individuals currently living in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Or why not, North Carolina. Or floating on a raft somewhere in the Indian Ocean. (As long as you have an excellent wifi connection, a constantly charged satellite phone, and–okay, maybe that’s a little too remote for us.)

The point is, it doesn’t really matter where you live (within reason) if you have talent, self-discipline and would like to work remotely for The MHP Broker. You just have to play well with others, get the job done when it needs gettin’ done and help us earn primo results. If you can do that, you can do it from your kitchen table, spare bedroom or wherever the magic happens.

You’ll contribute to a success-oriented, drama-free environment where people really like each other and have a few laughs. You’ll take an important role in helping us continue to help mobile home park owners buy and sell properties nationwide. 

We’ll give you flexible hours, a great team to work with and the ability to achieve the highest levels of industry success. If you come to us (virtually speaking) as a broker, you’ll find that one of the goals of our back-of-house team is to make your job easier. You’ll find valuable leads, work efficiently and achieve greater work-life balance.

Ashville NY 2-Park Portfolio

Meet the Bakers

That’s not just a pitch, that “work-life balance” thing. We know how valuable it is because it’s pretty valuable to us too. The MHP Broker is owned by Max and Kathryn Baker (maybe this links back to your bio page). We’re married to each other and to this business. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have an outside life. We know that sometimes the dog needs walking, the kids must be picked up and that Amazon package on your doorstep ain’t gonna open itself.

The point is, no one’s looking over your shoulder making sure you’re always on the phone, punching keys or doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing. We trust you. Some days you’ll take a long lunch hour and other times you’ll burn the midnight oil.

Go Ahead…Step on the Cat’s Tail

At The MHP Broker, you’ll sometimes trip over your own feet. Step on the cat’s tail. Hit that ‘Send’ button before you’ve totally thought it out. We do it all the time…but our goal is to fail forward. That means that on occasion we actually learn from our dumb mistakes. Turn them into little victories. You will too. When you do, we’ll celebrate that win with you, not focus on the forced error that led to it.

You’ll be invited to check your ego at the door, just as we all do. There’s no blame-assigning. No scary bosses or unrealistic expectations of underlings. No underlings, in fact. Just equally valuable team members who enjoy working together. That’s our culture. It’s why we get along so well and no one talks behind our backs.

Okay, there’s the occasional eye roll and the under-the-breath grumble, but that happens everywhere. We ignore it. Or eye-roll back.

Set Phasers on Stunning Opportunity 

You get the idea you might like it here? Might get something important done on like a daily basis? Let’s talk.

If you’re a talented self-starter who wants to work for an industry leader and help us close more sales and earn more satisfied clients, tell us how you can contribute to our fast-growing company.
We’d love to hear from you.

Someone Sayin’ Nice Stuff She Wasn’t Even Paid For

Hi, I’m Alexis Goodreau, the executive assistant here at The MHP Broker. Being part of the team has been my best professional move ever! Max and Kathryn have created a culture where we all excel by being ourselves. Pooling our talents and helping and relying on others. We work hard and have fun doing it. Everyone’s role here is valued equally, all of our wins are celebrated and there’s no hierarchical structure inhibiting our growth and creativity. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that I can be anywhere at any time and still have a productive workday. Hope you can join us.


Alexis Goodreau

Executive Assistant, The MHP Broker