MHP Brokers Tips and Tricks Podcast, Aaron Chachamovits Interview 

August 18, 2023 by Maxwell Baker

In this episode of The MHP Broker’s Tips and Tricks podcast, Maxwell Baker, president of The Mobile Home Park Broker, interviewed Aaron (“Chacha”) Chachamovits, president of a website design and creation company serving the mobile home park industry known as Rodesi. 

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Here Are the Show Highlights: 

  • Today’s interview is with Aaron Chachamovits, also known affectionately as Chacha. He owns a website development company called Rodesi. (Max, 0:22) 
  • In 2017, Aaron started working for Snickfish, a title management company serving the mobile home park community. He was handling marketing, sales, web development, advertising and other areas, when he decided to go on his own. His company would provide web development and design services for the mobile home park industry. He named it Rodesi, a name that combined the name of his son, Roman, and the word “design,” which is Aaron’s career passion. Through Rodesi, Aaron began to pitch smaller park owners who want a web presence as impressive as Sun Communities and RHP. (Aaron, 1:19)  
  • Rodesi provides park owners with a website that’s highly functional and user-friendly for tenants and park owners alike, able to handle billing, rent payments, and other areas.  Basically, the intent is to provide clients both a marketing tool and an automated streamlined online operation for dual audiences. (Aaron, 4:32) 
  • His company’s website functionality includes listings platforms, enabling park owners to list and prospective tenants to easily find and apply for pads or mobile homes for sale or rent. There are also forms on client websites that make it easier for residents and prospects to work with park employees in sales, back office and other areas. (Aaron, 4:57)  
  • Rodesi has also integrated Rent Manager functionality and resident application forms into newly created sites. (Aaron, 6:25) 
  • Rodesi-designed websites also give tenants multiple ways of paying their rent online, including Zego and CashPay. This is both more convenient for residents and it removes one level of labor for park owners. (Aaron, 6:40) 
  • Rodesi will soon be fully automating the listing process and offering clients turnkey hosting, maintenance and listings creation of client websites through ParkWeb. Yet another key service offered park owners through Rodesi is branding, including logo development and a branding identity package. (Aaron, 7:02) 
  • Rodesi can build separate websites for park communities, and to attract investors. It’s important to segment these two audiences and not try to communicate with both on the same website. (Aaron, 8:02) 
  • In Aaron’s two years in business he’s learned the importance of staying structured. In creating and following and documenting processes and systems to achieve success and avoid getting lost in the high day to day workload. (Aaron, 9:34) 
  • Max remembers a quote from real estate guru Ron LeGrand: “The less I do, the more money I make.” This illustrates the importance of automating tasks and relying on processes and systems to break the workday down and simplify it. (Max, 10:26) 
  • Aaron also learned the importance of planning by mapping out future activity at least by the quarter if not over the longer term. (Aaron, 11:41) 
  • Aaron can be contacted a number of ways. He likes taking calls at (888) 222-4451. But you can also reach him at or if you’re a park owner who’d like to explore the possibility of Aaron and his company creating or improving your digital presence.

You can also reach out to Max if you’d like him to put you in touch with Aaron and his company. Just drop Max a line at or give him a call at 678 932-0200.  

Power Quotes in This Episode: 

(On his inspiration for starting Rodesi) Hey, nobody is servicing mobile home park owners and RV park owners the way they need. Why can’t we provide web design and web development for these guys like Sun Communities and RHP?” (Aaron, 1:19) 

“…it’s more than just a website. Rodesi focuses on mobile home park owners and RV park owners’ web presence, period.” (Aaron, 4:32) 

So if someone goes to your community pages, right, they’ll see all the available listings or whether it be RV pads, open locks, or just mobile homes for sale, or rent. Those are all listed in each of the community pages, as well as the general search page where people can filter through those listings.” (Aaron, 4:57)  

“…we make it really simple and easy for current residents to know how to pay their rent, whether it’s through Zego, CashPay, or I don’t know, if you’d have them go deposit it in your bank, we simplify that and make it really simple for them. So, they stop asking your managers the same questions over and over. (Aaron, 6:40) 

I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learned is systems, processes, documentation.”  (Aaron, 10:12) 


Hello and welcome to the mobile home park brokers tips and tricks. This is the podcast where we talk about mobile home park investing, because that’s what we’ve been involved in for the last decade. Let’s dive into today’s episode. Here’s your host, Maxwell Baker. 

00:22 Maxwell Baker 

Hey y’all, welcome to another awesome, amazing, beautiful all of the adjectives I can think of Mobile Home Park Brokers Tips and Tricks podcast. As always, this episode is brought to you by the Community Price Maximizer. It is our proprietary system that will guarantee you a higher price when you exclusively list your community with us. Today, I’m very excited to have a dear friend of mine who is doing some pretty big things for park owners across the entire industry with his company Rodesi. His name is Aaron Chachamovits. So, Aaron or what Levi and I actually call him Chacha, welcome to the show, man. Thanks for joining us. 

01:07 Aaron Chachamovits 

Hey, Max, thanks for that, man, I appreciate you. 

01:10 Maxwell Baker 

So, tell us a little bit about who you are, kind of your background and a little bit of kind of your story of how you became and where you’re at today. 

01:19 Aaron Chachamovits 

Well, I started working in the manufactured housing industry in back in 2017. So, five years ago, and I was working for a company called Snickfish doing their marketing, advertising, web development, sales, pretty much wear every hat in that part of the company. I worked there for about three years and decided that one day I was going to go try to do some mobile home wholesaling. I just fell flat on my face. So, after an interesting year, in 2020, I started 2021 with the company Rodesi, which I named after, to my passions, right, my son, Roman, and design, two things that I care a lot about. I haven’t turned back since we just looked at the industry and said, ‘Hey, nobody is servicing mobile home park owners and RV park owners the way they need.’ Why can’t we provide web design and web development for these guys like Sun Communities and RHP?  

02:31 Maxwell Baker 


02:32 Aaron Chachamovits 

We can give a website like that to these smaller community owners. That’s professional and as a marketing tool. 

02:39 Maxwell Baker 

Yeah, man, it’s definitely something that has been needed for a long time. There have been a couple of people that have tried to do it, but I’ve not seen really what you’ve done, man. I mean, you do some really good stuff. I mean, I’ll tell y’all right now. I mean, he’s done stuff for me, and I’ve always been impressed. So, really what I was excited about when I met Chacha through Levi, who is a partner of ours on a different venture, but we met and I was like to we leave on our talking to Chacha, and I was like, dude, I think it’s a great idea for y’all to start building website for park owners and make it a part of the process to kind of help plug Chacha into our community price Maximizer process to help get park owners ready to sell their community and have an online presence because at the end of the day, if you’re easy to buy from and you sit and you hand over a community that has got a website, got everything set up on the back end far as payment stuff with rent manager and all that jazz. People are going to pay a premium for that you they want to buy something that’s easier, not something that’s going to take a lot of work and that is exactly what Chacha is building for you park owners out there, is whenever you are thinking about selling or really just thinking about, you know, trying to upgrade your operations like Chacha, at least on the backend for the Internet side, Chacha has been able to do that very well and he’s done it for I don’t know how many different park owners, but he does a great job. So, Chacho, can you kind of like break down the different things that you do for park owners? I know you talked about websites, but I know for me, you’re helping me plug into a lot of social and as well as Rent Manager and all that kind of jazz. 

04:32 Aaron Chachamovits 

Yeah. So, you know, it’s more than just a website Rodesi focuses on Mobile Home Park owners and RV Park owner’s web presence period. It’s actually kind of in our logo, it’s got this fingerprint, because one you want to be you want to be noticed, you want to be found, but two, we want to use the website as a marketing tool, and a way to automate and streamline your online operations.  


So, you know, some of the functionality in our websites include a listing platform, you can imagine it like a Zillow, right? You have your own little Zillow and your website where you can showcase listings and each of those listings are actually attached to a community. So, if someone goes to your community pages, right, they’ll see all the available listings or whether it be RV pads, open locks, or just mobile homes for sale, or rent. Those are all listed in each of the community pages, as well as the general search page where people can filter through those listings. One of the coolest features is, we know from the operation standpoint, you guys that are park owners want to start deducing how much work you’re taking on with residents, right? especially when you’re starting up. So, we can actually create the forms to where each listing has a form, and it directs to whoever you want it to. We have the park manager, it could be your sales guy, it could be someone on your operations team. There is even a front end CRM that we’ve built into our website platform where you guys can actually utilize that, it’s a pretty simplified CRM, you can track leads, you have analytics on the website, and you also can manage listings, you can put listings on hold, let’s say someone puts a down payment on it, but you’re not, you know, you’re not sure if they’re gonna come through with the rest or let’s say the home is sold, you can remove the listings, you can edit them.  


Then of course, we’re working on some something pretty cool. Right now, we integrate with rent manager and a pretty simple way where we put a bunch of call to actions on the website for potential residents to apply… 

06:39 Maxwell Baker 


06:40 Aaron Chachamovits 

…to become a resident with your parks. Also, of course, we make it really simple and easy for current residents to know how to pay their rent, whether it’s through Zego, CashPay, or I don’t know, if you’d have them go deposit it in your bank, we simplify that and make it really simple for them. So, they stop asking your managers the same questions over and over.  

07:01 Maxwell Baker 


07:02 Aaron Chachamovits 

Q1 of next year, we’ll be working on integrating with rent managers API, so that we can automate the listing process. So, any listings you have in Rent Manager for each of your parks, they’ll automatically sync across, Rent Manager to the website. So, we’re trying to create a marketing solution where you guys, it’s almost pretty much Hands-off, period! Then we also have with ParkWeb, the ParkWeb is a service where we’ll host your site, we’ll maintain it, well, we’ll create your listings, if you’re buying more parks, and you want to add more parks to your website, we pretty much do it all for you. Then of course, we do branding. So, we’ll create your brand. If you don’t have a logo, if you’re looking for sleek logo modern, something resident friendly, if you’re wanting to have a brand identity package where your marketing team can use that to actually go market on social media or Zillow, or wherever it is that you’re marketing. 

08:02 Maxwell Baker

You’ve done some stuff with portfolio owners, where you’ve linked Parent websites, and then you’ve got like some property websites all connected to one another. Right? You’ve done that a few times, actually right? 

08:15 Aaron Chachamovits 

Yeah. So, we always tell property owners look, if you’re going to have two sides to your business, right, the acquisitions and investments side and the community side, keep them separate. Just as far as the resident goes, they really don’t want to know about getting other investors on board with investing in your parks and so we typically say, look, create an investor site website, and create a community website. It’s not an upsell, right. It’s just, it’s a user experience and community friendly… 

08:48 Maxwell Baker 

So, you got to compartmentalize everything. Right? 

08:51 Aaron Chachamovits 

Right. So, and Max, you wouldn’t put your communities on your website, right? You separate that so that your residents would have a place to go to find everything they need. 

09:00 Maxwell Baker 

Yeah, you know, we have our property websites, and then we obviously have MHP broker, which is completely different from our personal stuff. So well, cool man chacha, we do have a few other questions if you’re ready to move on? We’ve got some more personal things we can talk about.  

09:17 Aaron Chachamovits 


09:18 Maxwell Baker 

There’s some more fun. So, what is the greatest lesson you have learned since you have started Rodesi?  

09:26 Aaron Chachamovits 

Ahh (Laughs) 

09:27 Maxwell Baker 

(Laughs) I know it’s a deep question. We can go as deep as you want. We don’t have to go too deep if you don’t want to. 

09:34 Aaron Chachamovits 

You’re good. In two years, I’ve learned it is extremely essential to create structure from the beginning and to document and create processes and systems along the way. Don’t wait! Man, I’ve worked with quite a few park owners and a lot of you guys are out there acquiring communities and all of a sudden now you’re at five or ten communities and you’re looking back I can go in holy crap, man, I’ve got to, I’ve got to get this thing slick, smooth sailing, because I’ve got too much on my plate, you’re hitting the pavement and you’re just, you’re going a million miles an hour every day, and it wears you out.  

10:12 Maxwell Baker 


10:12 Aaron Chachamovits 

So, I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learned is systems, processes, documentation. I even still struggle with it today, just because we’re growing so quickly and the same thing applies to you guys who are growing quickly as well. 

10:26 Maxwell Baker 

Yeah, I mean, I would say that system, method and process has always been something that I kind of nerd out on. Just because like, I was told by an investor (Laughs) a long time ago, before I even started brokerage, he said, ‘Max, the less I do, the more money I make!’ I’ve been like thinking that actually, I’ll tell you who it was, it was Ron Legrand if anybody knows those gurus from back in the day, Ron Legrand actually used to say that all the time, ‘The less I do, the more money I make!’ There’s a lot to unpack there but, it’s exactly what you just said Chacha, like a lot of it is trying to automate as many things as possible. Not only in business, but in like personal life, like automating like, some cleaning stuff that your house has. Or automating your food or automating you know, who does the errands or sets up your appointments. Like, there’s a lot of things that you can automate in life that will help you make it a lot easier and make it so you can enjoy your family more. Yeah, dude like, I mean, I can talk for a whole episode just on automation.  

11:31 Aaron Chachamovits 


11:33 Maxwell Baker 

So, my next question is, what are you learning now? Like, what kind of what kind of lessons do you learn right now, as you’re growing, give us a little insight on that. 

11:41 Aaron Chachamovits 

I would say, another lesson that I’ve learned is plan accordingly, map out at least do it quarter by quarter map out your quarters and if it makes it more easier for you map out your months. If you’re not structuring your time, then what ends up happening is your calendar will control you, not you controlling your calendar and that… 

12:06 Maxwell Baker 

Amen to that! 

12:07 Aaron Chachamovits 

…that’s overwhelming and stressful.  

12:08 Maxwell Baker 

Yeah man, I 100% agree with you on that, actually, me and you are actually trying to set up an annual meeting with Levi to go over some annual plans and quarterly plans. I mean, that’s just how you do it. I mean, if you’re not doing that, then you were kind of missing the boat because you’re just kind of floating through your work life and personal life and you really got to plan it out. Like I know people that plan out five and ten years ahead of time, I’m not there yet working towards it every day but, moving on to some other questions here. What are you reading right now? I know we talked about books personally. But do you have any books right now that you’re enjoying? 

12:45 Aaron Chachamovits 

Well, I did read a book that you recommended, which was the Story Brand, and just communicating your brand and marketing message efficiently. That and you know, I read my Bible every day and I’ve been wanting to start reading this book called Crazy Faith but, currently those are the others and I’ve got probably 10 different books on my Christmas wish list.  

13:13 Maxwell Baker

Nice! I love it!. All right, so how can I add value to you? Is my last question. one of the things that I that we’re doing for Chacha here at the MHP Broker is really kind of pushing his message to you park owners out here that are listening. So, if you all would like to get in touch with Chacha to build a website for your park, kind of look at SEO or kind of your social media presence or logo branding stuff, all the stuff that he talked about. What can they do to get a hold of you, Chacha? 

13:46 Aaron Chachamovits 

You can go to our website, or you can just email me 

13:59 Maxwell Baker 

Nice and if they have a phone number, is there a way to just call your company? 

14:04 Aaron Chachamovits 

Yeah. Best way to call is our phone number (888) 222-4451. 

14:12 Maxwell Baker 

Awesome. Before we sign off Chacha, do you have any closing thoughts, statements, anything that you’d like to send out to the MHP world? 

14:21 Aaron Chachamovits 

We look forward to disrupting this industry where there’s a need for change, helping you guys get that 100% occupancy rate and create a turnkey operation that one day when you decide to sell your portfolio, you’ll have everything you need to hand the keys over to the next owner. 

14:43 Maxwell Baker 

Yes, definitely, man. Well, Chacha, I appreciate you coming on to the podcast today. Y’all, he’s a great guy. Super easy to talk to. Real personable, doesn’t treat people like a number. As far as tech guys he actually is really well at communicating (laughs) really good at communicating (laughs). So, I admire that about Chacha because he’s able to really just kind of dissect and sometimes even read what’s on your mind when it comes to what you need for your mobile home park or RV park when it comes to building this web presence that you have. So, as always, this episode is brought to you by the Community Price Maximizer. It is our proprietary system, that will guarantee you a higher price when you list exclusively your community with us, like I said, four step process. This step what we’re talking about today with Chacha is part of the four-step process that will push the amount of money you get whenever you list your park with us. So, give us a call. If you have any questions about it or if you want me to do an intro to Chacha, which I mean you can reach out to him but, I’m happy to do that as well. Here at the office, it’s (678) 932-0200 or email me at Chacha, thanks for being on the show and let’s keep moving forward y’all!


Aaron first entered the mobile home park industry in 2017 as the Director of Business Development for Snickfish, a mobile home title management company specializing in processing titles for mobile home parks across the nation. While at Snickfish, he helped to create an online title management web application that offers the automation of title processing for park owners. He was also able to obtain several of the nation’s largest mobile home park operators (including YES! Communities). Three years later, Aaron started his own company — Rodesi Co, a creative agency specializing in web development, branding, search engine optimization, and hosting for mobile home park operators, RV park operators, and wholesalers nationwide. Since the inception of Rodesi, in just under a year and a half, he has tripled his company’s net income and doubled his team size.”

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Maxwell Baker

Maxwell R. Baker founded The MHP Broker in 2009 as a commercial real estate broker specializing in helping Investors buy and sell mobile home communities throughout the Southeast. His family got started with mobile home parks in 2000 where Max gained experience in management, rehabilitation, and selling mobile home parks. Today, The MHP Broker has grown to a team of several agents with expanded services focused on owner and investor brokerage services, mobile home park audits, and in-depth market research, resulting in the sale of over $500 million worth of mobile home communities.