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Make Trailer Parks Great Again™

At The MHP Broker ®, our focus is on the RV and mobile home park industry. We deliver a wide range of services in support of our client base in the Southeast and elsewhere nationally. Here’s what we see as our full menu of services.


Make Trailer Parks Great Again™

Originally operating in the South, The MHP Broker ® is now nationally recognized as a premier brokerage team within the mobile home park and RV communities.

We don’t just sell parks. We lay the groundwork by providing you, our valued clients, with critical market information. We research and compare rents and other community features from our constantly updated database of every park in your state. We generate and maintain fresh market data that will let you know what your park is worth against the competition — and identify your most active local buyers. You always have the final say, or course, on whether or not you want to entertain offers based on our input.

It would be a disservice to not provide our clients with this invaluable information. It’s how we’re able to swiftly offer you price guidance that can get your property sold faster, at top price, with fewer hassles.

We specialize in all community sizes and have done well over 150 transactions since we started The MHP Broker ® over a decade ago. If you want a proven track record, closely managed disposition and exclusive proprietary marketing of your community, give us a call at 678-932-0200 or email

Community Price Maximizer

Our company has developed a proprietary four-step process to assure the highest possible price when you’re ready to sell your mobile home or RV community.

The Community Price Maximizer has been built on the strength of our experience over the years. It’s a compilation of everything we’ve done right for our customers…and even a few lessons we learned the hard way. We invite you to take the benefit of the expertise we’ve gained working on behalf of earlier clients like you.

Give us a call at 678-932-0200 and we’ll explain each element of this four-step process. Our goal is always to help you put as much money possible in your pocket when it comes to exclusively listing your community with us and the Community Price Maximizer is the guaranteed way to do it.
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Financing and Refinancing

Do you have a park under contract or need to refinance your community to pull out that hard-earned equity? Through our debt sourcing service, we’ll help you find the cash you need to handle your business no matter where your community is located. Rates and terms fluctuate daily.

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Mobile Home Wholesaling & Turnkey Solutions

Empty lots mean potential — but they also crimp cash flow. Through our turnkey service, we can find, move and set up used & new mobile homes that you can immediately start turning into cashflow. Some minimums are needed. Just shoot us a message at or call us at 678-932-0200 to get started today.

Regional Rental Analysis

Our research team calls more than 100 primary, secondary and tertiary markets twice a year to uncover where rents are trending in each state where we do business. That information is like gold if you’re thinking of buying or selling a community and want to get the highest price possible.

If you need a rental analysis for your property, give us a call at 678-932-0200 or email

2024 State of the MHP Industry

Our research team provides an extensive analysis of the MHP industry every year. In these reports you will find individual data per state that includes law changes, average lot rents, sales data, and more.

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