SECO Reaches Out to Warrior Outreach With Donation to Help Vets in Need

November 9, 2021 by Maxwell Baker

Hey, remember when Kathryn and I told you about Comfort Farms and how proud we are to be able to help support that great cause? Comfort Farms is a working farm started by a retired U.S. Army Ranger to raise awareness, money and opportunities for former U.S. Military personnel experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other physical or emotional challenges.

Well, now we’re bursting with pride to be helping SECO raise and donate $5,000 for Warrior Outreach, an organization dedicated to serving the needs of the same worthy people as Comfort Farms.

Let’s break that down.

Warrior Outreach was founded in 2008 to offer military vets and their families a range of free equine-related activities. It’s a relaxing opportunity to socialize with one another, interact with the horses, do good, and bond with families. It’s based on other equine therapy programs and helps service members rebuild confidence and transition back to civilian life after traumatic events during deployments that might have caused lasting damage.

Warrior Outreach, located in Fortson, GA, is staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by donations. I’m a former U.S. Marine and Kathryn passionately supports the U.S. Military. We’re both fiercely supportive of both active-duty and retired Armed Forces members, so we were eager for the opportunity to contribute to this great cause through SECO.

What SECO stands for is the South East Community Owners. SECO has set up a non-profit charitable organization by the owners of manufactured home parks in the southeast United States.

This initiative was co-founded by David Roden, a community owner who learned that a resident in his park in Georgia was a U.S. veteran who had to use an oxygen machine to breathe. The ailing vet had no air conditioning and couldn’t afford to buy one, so you can imagine how sweltering hot his home was in the Georgia mid-summer heat. In helping the vet get air conditioning, it reminded Roden of how many others might be in similar predicaments.

So SECO has taken on the mission of providing a helping hand to U.S. vets and first responders who live in manufactured home communities anywhere in the country and need the financial assistance we all can–and should–provide.

Kathryn and I have helped support SECO’s Vets Assistance Fund by pledging a percentage of our broker commissions to that very worthwhile initiative. And we’re thrilled that Warrior Outreach is now a beneficiary.

Check out the Warrior Outreach website at If you feel they’re as worthwhile as we think they are, we encourage you to send ‘em a few bucks. You’ll sleep well tonight.

Or just tag us at The Mobile Home Park Broker or call (678) 932-0200 if you’d like to find out how you can help us help vets in need.

Maxwell Baker

Maxwell R. Baker founded The MHP Broker in 2009 as a commercial real estate broker specializing in helping Investors buy and sell mobile home communities throughout the Southeast. His family got started with mobile home parks in 2000 where Max gained experience in management, rehabilitation, and selling mobile home parks. Today, The MHP Broker has grown to a team of several agents with expanded services focused on owner and investor brokerage services, mobile home park audits, and in-depth market research, resulting in the sale of over $500 million worth of mobile home communities.